Theo Campbell (they/them/their) is an up and coming costume designer based in New York City.  They are highly skilled at applying queer theory and also rhinestones in places one might not expect them. Most recent credits include designing A Christmas Carol: The Musical at Crossroads Theatre Company,  assisting Tracy Christensen on the Off Broadway production of Caesar and Cleopatra, and assisting David Woolard on the world premiere of Stonewall at the New York City Opera.

Theo went into costuming because they believe art has a tangible ability to change the world, often just by bringing a little bit of light into dark times, and thinks their role in this is through making pretty (or often not so pretty) garments and wearable art. Theo is especially interested in being a part of work that pushed the boundaries of genre and form and in working with other queer and trans artists. Their MFA thesis was a punk rock musical version of Caryl Churchill’s Vinegar Tom that took place during all the waves of feminism and also at a DIY punk concert (check out what that looked like here).  

Currently, Theo is making hats at Lynne Mackey Studio and working at Hunter College as the wardrobe coordinator and assistant costume shop supervisor. 
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